Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Why the Blog and Why the Title?

So I have a blog already, it's a photography blog and I am a photographer.  I work with my husband and we take pretty pictures at weddings and birthdays and fun events and then sit with families and try take family pictures that make you jealous of their Christmas cards.  My business, that I sometimes get paid for, is called Kavod Photography.  Notice all the links?  You should go to them and then hire me and tell your friends to like us on Facebook.  Like I said, my business already has a blog, there was the link, remember?  But it is a blog for my business, and not my personal, air out my thoughts business.  Sure there are personal posts but there are only so many times I can blog about what I ate that day before people start getting confused about where the pictures are.  So that's why the blog, and don't worry I won't be talking about what I ate that day every time.

Now, why the title?  I have always talked to myself, always.  And I used to believe it was something everyone did in such abundance that it deterred them from regular conversation but it turns out that wasn't true.  In fact, one time in elementary school we were going to the pool for gym class one week and apparently I talked to myself from school, to the bus, to the locker room.  I know that because a girl in my class, who was rather mean to me because she could afford Guess and Jordache jeans and I got those mock-Guess jeans with the triangle with the exclamation point, confronted me on why I talked to myself so much.  In my utter embarrassment and need to save face because my giant glasses, buck teeth and permed hair were not helping, I immediately lied and told her I had a medical condition that caused me to talk to myself and moreover it was contagious.  She left me alone after that, which was a catch-22 result because I didn't want to be made fun of any more but I also wanted to be liked by the cool kids.

I still talk to myself a lot, well actually I talk to Soren, he's my son and he's the cutest baby ever, please don't argue, you know it's true.  Here's the proof:

Now that that's settled...  I talk to Soren, a lot.  I also talk to my car radio, consequentially I often yell at other drivers while I am talking to my car radio.  Don't they realize that their terrible driving is interfering with my hypothetical two-way conversation?  When I'm not at home with Soren, I nanny for three other really great kids.  All that is to say, much of my day to day conversation is with four people ages 5 and under.  Don't get me wrong, I have an amazing husband who works so hard to shape the spiritual lives of young people at our church and then comes home and keeps Soren happy so I can have a moment alone.  Then, when we actually have time to talk to each other we spend a lot of time talking about, you guessed it, Soren.

So needless to say, I need to talk to an adult and I am considering Google an adult.  I love to write and used to write furiously but I can type faster than I can handwrite and being a wife-mom-nanny-photographer-amateur cook doesn't lend itself to much peaceful writing time.  So I am taking on a blog, I don't even know yet if I'll tell people about it but if you find it consider yourself eavesdropping on a perpetual conversation with myself.