Wednesday, April 17, 2013

6 months!

So I haven't stopped blogging but I realize one of my last blog posts was concerning giving up excuses, it turns out one of the reasons that I haven't blogged in a while is because I gave up making excuses for not crating a new website, which you can now see here -

So I'm back and with much to think out loud about again, but per usual the majority of my time is spent thinking about the two best men in my life and one of them just turned 6 months old, I will let you guess which one :)

I, in typical parent fashion, don't have a clue as to where the last six months went but I realize now I don't remember much of life without him.  I know that there were nights where Noah and I could stay up until two a.m. by choice and not by necessity and beckon of a teething infant.  This is the hardest thing I've ever done but it is good work, work that produces good in me and my marriage.  I am realizing every day that I am most myself being Soren's mom, showing me every day that I am not complete yet, but his smiles put those pieces in bit by bit.

At his six-month appointment Soren weighed in at 23.5 lbs (2 lbs less than the 2.5 year old I nanny) and 27.5 inches.  We are regularly met with shocked faces when we tell people how old, or better yet how young, he is.  He is loving sitting up all by himself but more and more each day he gets closer to crawling.  He can scoot backwards and spins around on his belly to face the direction he wants to go.  He doesn't quite yet have the one knee one hand things down but when he gets on all fours he can spring himself forward.  It's amazing to both Noah and I that not only was he instilled with the instinct to crawl but also permeated with the determination to keep trying.

He is a big smiler, as you can see.  He is always the most popular person wherever we go and his cheeks have just about anyone with soul completely smitten.  He loves to make sounds, his newest one sounds like a high-pitched Chewbacca, we're hoping it doesn't stick forever :)  Music and books keep his attention for hours.  He is starting to eat solids and loving a wide variety of things.  But now the part you've all been waiting for, the photos.  As the son of two photographers he is a very well-documented baby.  The hard thing is, I realize when I edit his photos, I find I have a hard time taking horizontal photos, see if you can tell:

I love the series of photos when he is looking up for three reasons; he looks super sweet, you can see his two teeth and I know that the reason he is looking up and smiling is because he can see his dad and he loves his dad.  The fact Soren lights up whenever he sees Noah just makes my heart melt.

The Carhartts are from Soren's cousin Trigg, he looks like such a little man.  Thank you so much auntie Kristen and cousin Trigg! (p.s. click on Kristen's name, trust me, just do it and then buy something)

His first time on a swing, he was a little unsure at first but then got to smiling and then modeling, he's a natural.

This last one is probably my favorite because you can see his teeth.  I love my sweet boy, he is great beyond words.